An Enchanted Evening with Sylvia at the Metropolitan Opera House

Last night my girlfriends and I attended a ballet performance of Sylvia at the Metropolitan Opera House. For two hours I was swept away in a magical sylvan landscape populated by nymphs. The Arcadian stage setting was magnificent and we were blown away by  I was amazed by how nimble and featherlight the ballerinas appeared, as if they were made of air and gossamer threads, instead of flesh, muscle, and bone. We briefly glanced at the synopsis before the performance started, but we didn’t know the story. During intermission, we read the synopsis more carefully and were pleasantly surprised by how well we had deduced the story from the dancing. My favorite bit in Sylvia was the two dancing cats. They were so adorable and delightful. They charmed the audience and got rousing cheers at the end for their ovation.

We sat in the rear Family Circle ($25 + taxes and fees = $33), which is quite affordable. The seats were good and we had a clear view of the stage. What I also liked about the Met Opera House was that they have water fountains available for the audience members on both sides of the main lobby. Plus there are little paper cones so that you can fill it up with water to take with you. As someone who gets quite thirsty and I’m a little self-conscious about hogging the water fountain, the little paper cones are a lifesaver.

I feel very fortunate to live in New York City where all these wonderful cultural events take place year round. The Met Opera House also does a lot to make its events accessible to people. There are student discounts and rush tickets that offer discount tickets. Have an enchanted evening at the Metropolitan Opera House.

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