Summer’s Here

Now is the time of year where we longingly remember the cold temperatures of winter and pine for the frigid air. It’s hot, and worse yet, it’s sticky. Summer is fully here.

Sunday I brunched with my girlfriends at Vesta, one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. It’s in Astoria, but it’s definitely worth the trip out to Queens. I love getting the Hangover Pizza, which is a breakfast pizza with potato, pancetta, sausage and topped with two perfectly fried eggs. It’s amazing. The other item that you should definitely get is the Baby Jesus Cake. It’s called that because when you take the first  bite, you say, “Sweet baby Jesus!” The delightful flavor is belied by its plain look. A square piece of brown cake with no garnish or decoration, but the moistest and most decadent cake imaginable.

Afterward we went to one of my gf’s apartment for homemade ice cream. We sat, laughed, and talked for hours. It was great just hanging out with them for hours like this. We hadn’t spent a significant amount of time together in a long while.

Yesterday Ben was really nice and went out on a tempo run with me. Because it was hot we decided to do 3 miles at around 8:10 pace. We ended up going a bit slower.

Mile splits

  1. 8:09
  2. 8:18
  3. 8:13

Average pace 8:13

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