Friday News

Ben and Ilya got mentioned in the recent Runner’s World article about the canceled 5K in Liberty State Park.

Dave English wrote another long, incoherent, and contradictory response to the article on Facebook.

I added a few more events to the the timeline based on some information that Ilya has given me.

On a personal note, I moved! For five years I lived in Astoria and now I live in . . . Hoboken. *gulp* I moved to Ben’s place for the summer. Our plan is that in the next few months we’ll find something in Manhattan that we like and we’ll move there. The past couple of days have been very busy with packing and moving. Right now we’re swimming in boxes and my furniture scattered randomly throughout the place.

Ben and I have also been enjoying the World Science Festival, an annual science festival in New York City. We attended a discussion on consciousness and Brian Greene’s entertaining and thought provoking presentation on quantum mechanics, Spooky Action. Although almost all of the talks are sold out now, there are still other events that are available to the public.

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