Review: Slink No Tie Bandana and Banjees Wrist Wallet


Slink No Tie Bandana

Last week I won my first giveaway! Sprigs, one of my favorite local companies that makes cool running accessories, was doing a giveaway for their Slink No Tie Bandana prototypes. They had a few prototypes for Slink that they had lying around. I was quite excited when they informed me that I won the geo-bluegreen version.

I’ve worn the Slink for a few days around in different places, doing different things.

The Good

It’s light, comfortable and reversible. I got the geo-bluegreen one, so there’s a printed blue and green design on one side and a solid blue color on the other side. You can wear it with only the print showing, the blue side showing, or fold it so that both sides show.

20130510-182312.jpgThere are several different ways of wearing the Slink. You can wear it unfolded, so it looks like a bandana, like the photo on the left here. It’s great for when you’re suffering from a bad hair day, or if you haven’t had a chance to wash your hair and need to hide it. My favorite way of wearing the Slink is actually folded up a bit, so I wear it like a headband.

You can use the Slink in unexpected ways. You can use it to cover your nose and mouth if you’re in a dusty place. I can imagine using the Slink to cover the lower half of my face on cold winter runs. I have asthma and cold air cause me some problems. Sometimes I run with a balaclava, but I feel a bit foolish, like I’m about to go rob a bank. With the Slink, it’s light and provide some protection from the cold air without looking like masked robber.

The Slink stays in place if you’re sitting or lightly walking.

It comes in several pretty colors and patterns.

The Bad

I was hoping to use as a headband while running, but it doesn’t stay in place when you’re engaging in vigorous exercise. Not unless you use pins to hold it in place.

The Ugly



If you’re looking for a versatile bandana, at $18, the Slink is a good choice.


Banjees Wrist Wallet

One of my favorite running accessories is Sprigs’ Banjees Wrist Wallet. I absolutely adore it. Banjees wrist wallet is a light “extra pocket” for carrying car keys, money, credit card, and/or a cell phone while running. Not all of my running clothes have pockets in them, so I need to run with either a Spibelt or my Banjees wrist wallet.

The Good

It’s light and comfortable and it can hold quite a bit, while not getting in your way or making you feel like it’s extra weight on your wrist. I have the polyspandex reversible, which is the smaller wrist wallet, but I find that it’s able to hold my IPhone and keys quite nicely.

Banjees is perfect when I want to run with my IPhone, but I can’t run with headphones on. I don’t have a GPS running watch, so I rely on the Runtastic app to track my distance and speed. I like receiving feedback on my pace. If I put my IPhone in my Spibelt, I can’t hear the feedback without headphones. But by popping it in the Banjees wrist wallet, I can run along and when I hear the voice starting to speak, I can hold up my wrist by my ear and hear the feedback.

20130510-182326.jpgPretty colors, designs and reversible. I love Sprigs’ philosophy of elegant aesthetics and function. Mine is solid pink on one side, and has a funky cool pink design on the other side.

I like how nothing moves around while I’m running. My IPhone fits in the pocket and it stays in place on my wrist as I’m running. I honestly don’t notice the weight while racing.

Once I figured out how to pop my IPhone into the pocket quickly with one hand, I found it very easy and convenient to use. I set up my app on the phone, put in the phone with the button side up (closest to the opening), press the start button on the app when I cross the starting line, and then quickly zip up the pocket.

The Bad


The Ugly



At $15, I consider the Banjees wrist wallet a great investment in running accessories. Many of my exercise clothes don’t have a pocket to hold keys or other small items (what’s up with that?) so the Banjees wrist wallet quickly steps up and fulfills this need for a pocket. I love my Banjees and am often really grateful to have it with me in race situations.

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