Grateful for a Bad Run

This morning I got to wake up. I got to make coffee and drink it. I got to lace my running shoes and head out the door. I got to think that I wanted to do a tempo run (4 miles at 8:20 pace) because I didn’t have time for a long slow run, which my legs would have rather done.

I got to run. I got to breathe hard and feel the beads of sweat drop off my forehead.

The first mile was slow as I was still warming up. The second mile I picked up the pace around 8:30. I couldn’t push myself to go faster as my legs still felt heavy and tired.

Then suddenly around mile 3.5 I felt bad and really slowed down. I ran as if I was slogging through mud. Just before I hit mile 4, I was overcome with the sensation that I couldn’t breathe and was about to throw up all at the same time. I stopped. I quit. Just before it turned to Mile 4 on Runtastic. I couldn’t eke out another step to round out the number.

I don’t care.

It wasn’t a good training run.

But I was able to run this morning. And so many people can’t. I’m grateful that I can run. Even a bad run is a good run in these circumstances.

Mile splits

  1. 9:29
  2. 8:37
  3. 8:29
  4. ~10:00



3 thoughts on “Grateful for a Bad Run

  1. It’s so important to remember this sometimes. That we can run. That we get to run. It’s so sad that tragedy has a way of reminding us to be grateful.

  2. tempo runs are, in my opinion, THE most difficult day of a training cycle – give me a long run or mile repeats any day! some days it just doesn’t click – but those crappy runs make the good ones that much sweeter!

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