Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

Noises from a radio or podcast interrupted the generally silent classroom. My students were quietly working on their assignment as I was walking around answering questions. Most of my students were quietly working. I turned my head to find where the offending noise was coming from. The offending student noticed that I was looking at him and stammered an apology for interrupting.

“You need to be on task,” was my only response.

“There’s been an explosion at the Boston Marathon,” he explained.

I simply froze. Then uncharacteristically I opened up a browser to look at the news.

Tragedy. My heart simply breaks for the victims and the family and friends of the victims.

I’m so grateful that no one I know has been affected and I wish that everyone could have been as lucky as I. I also know that I could have known someone hurt in by the blasts. My sister and brother-in-law live by the marathon course and they often spectate it. Some of friends go up to Boston to watch it. I know people who are trying to qualify. I weep for the tragic loss of lives, damage, and pain and suffering caused by this act of terror.

Gothamist coverage

NY Times’ map of the explosions

Boston Globe’s map of the explosions

Clips of the explosions from the New Yorker

The Meaning of the Boston Marathon

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