Almond Croissant: The Perfect Pre-Run Food

I’ve discovered that almond croissants are the perfect pre-run food for me. I ate an almond croissant before a couple of my runs last week. Each time I ate a croissant and ran about less than an hour later. Both times I experienced absolutely no stomach problems. The carbs delivered in croissant form are light and easy to digest. I was delighted. I had been experiencing various problems from slow digestion when I eat a proper meal. There are times when I need to eat something because I’m starved, but then the food interrupts my runs with heart burn, or cramping, or other malaise. The croissant, however, was perfect.

Last Friday I had to go out and do a “long, slow” run. I hadn’t ran in a long while and I need to spend time on my feet to get my legs used to running for a long period of time. Friday’s weather was windy and cold. Admittedly it was a mentally hard run because it was a little too cold for me to want to run outside, but I forced myself to do it. I could tell I lost a bit of endurance because five miles felt long. Overall my average pace was 9:40, which was slower than the 9:30 pace I wanted to go at, but the goal of Friday’s run wasn’t the pace. It was simply to just go out and run longer than 3 miles at whatever pace felt comfortable.

Mile splits

  1. 9:26
  2. 9:05
  3. 9:39
  4. 9:53
  5. 10:19

As you can see, I was really lagging in the last couple of miles. I need to get some tempo runs in.



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