On My Way to Breaking that 24-min 5K Door

Light flurries of snow greeted me this morning. Winter is that last remaining guest who just won’t leave the party even though you’ve dropped numerous hints that he needs to go.

Back in January I made a plan to train for my spring half marathon by running three times a week: one speed work, one tempo, and one long slow run. Hahahahaha, I rarely manage to run three times a week, usually it’s just two. The last few weeks, I’ve done nothing but speed work. In short, I’ve gone back to my usual style of training for races: do lots of speed work, weightlifting, and throw in a couple long runs and above all, keep the weekly mileage ultra low. If I run more than 10 miles, that’s a high mileage week for me.

Today I hopped on the treadmill to bust out a 2-mile run at 8 mph (7:30 pace). Despite triple knotting my left shoe, the shoelace untied itself like Houdini escaping from a locked box after 3/4 of a mile. I thought about finishing off the mile and then retying my shoe. If I did that, then I postpone my attempt at this workout for another day. Instead I decided to shrug it off and dangerously (for me, yes, I’m extraordinarily clumsy) continue running on the treadmill. Somehow I managed to not trip over myself and I ran 2 miles in 15 minutes. I can feel that I’m really close to busting through that 24-min barrier for a 5K. Can’t wait til I do it.

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