How to Regrow Bok Choy


Bok Choy ends

Last week I made some sauteed bok choy as a side for dinner. I wondered how else I could prepare  bok choy when I came across 17 apart with directions for regrowing bok choy. I had just chopped the ends and thrown them away. Instead it turns out that you can easily regrow the ends into new baby bok choy.


Step 1: Place ends in water


Step 2: Change water every other day. New growth will be seen in a few days.


About a week’s worth of growth

That’s it. Just dump the ends into water and change the water every few days. I did notice that the bigger end grew new leaves much sooner than the other two ends, which I had chopped every closely to the stem end. I recommend that if you plan on grow bok choy, that you chop a little higher up so you get faster growth.

I haven’t grown anything in several years, so I’m delighted to find this simple way of growing a little kitchen sill garden.

ETA: Read Part 2 on regrowing bok choy here.

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