Review: ReTrak Flavours Headphones

I misplaced my beloved black headphones a couple weeks ago. I’m so technologically lackadaisical that I have no idea who made the headphone. I just know they were black and had earbuds. Yes, really useful and helpful.

While I was out getting some supplies, I noticed a row of brightly color slim boxes containing headphones for $9.99. They were the ReTrak Flavours. I’m not overly picky about headphones. (I know nothing of sound quality. I think the default white headphones that Apple gives with the IPhone are perfectly fine. I can’t run with them because they fall out.) What attracted me to the headphones (aside from their bright colors), was that the cord was retractable. This meant I could adjust how long I want the cord to be. This seemed perfect to me. The cords are too long for me and in order to prevent accidentally yanking out one of the earbuds, I wrap the excess cord around my phone a few times before I tuck it into my Spibelt.The problem is when I need to check something on my phone I need to unwrap the cord and then rewrap it again when I want to put it away.

The retractable cord and its reasonable price were persuasive enough to induce an impulse buy. After running a few times with it, the verdict is that you should save your money if you plan on using these headphones for running.

The Good

  • Bright fun colors if you like that sort of thing.
  • The cord is retractable.
  • Earbuds come with three differently-sized ear pieces, so you can adjust it to your needs.

The Bad

  • Poor sound quality. Even to me, the music sounded muffled.
  • The extra weight on the cord (the gadget that retracts and coils the cord) is slightly uncomfortable to run with. It pulls on the earbuds and you notice the gadget thumping around your torso as you run.

The Ugly

  • Even with trying the different sizes, the earbuds kept on falling out of my ears.
  • The cords never stayed the length they were supposed to be at. The running motion triggered the cords to retract.

In short, I found ReTrak Flavours headphones absolutely impossible to run with. I don’t even like using them for non-running purposes because of the poor sound quality. Save your money and get something different.

2 thoughts on “Review: ReTrak Flavours Headphones

    • I’m still looking for new headphones. I was thinking about YurBuds, but there seems to be too many mixed reviews for me. I wish I could remember the brand for my misplaced headphones.

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