Treadmill Running Without Music

After the terrible attempt at the long run on Sunday, I was determined to have a good run today. Tuesdays are speed work days. I’ve been doing a lot of speed work on the treadmill because going to the track takes up more time than I have and on some days, it’s too cold out to do a proper fast run. My muscles don’t warm up and I’m fighting the wind.

I also have been running without music lately. I misplaced my headphones and the ones I bought as a replacement are wretched for running. It’s not so bad running outside without music, but it’s rather boring on a treadmill. When I do mile repeats, a mile goes fast enough that I don’t care that much about not having any entertainment. Yesterday though, I decided to run 2.5 miles at 7.5 mph (8:00 min pace). For me, that’s a long time without any external entertainment.

The first mile went by quickly. I developed a small side stitch on my right side shortly after the first mile and then it went away a half mile later. Then I got it again at the start of the second mile and I ran with it for the rest of the workout. The side stitch didn’t get any more painful. It was a manageable annoyance. I’m beginning to think that if I eat a full meal, I need to wait four hours before I can run again. I don’t normally get heart burn or experience some sort of general crumminess when I run, which is what I have been experiencing recently. The last couple of weeks, I hadn’t been running in the morning when I run on an empty stomach (except for some coffee). I got some bad heart burn when I ran two hours after eating. It wasn’t as bad three hours after eating. Yesterday, I ran 3 1/2 hours after finishing dinner and I had a mild heart burn. Anyway, I stuck it out and I finished my intended work out.

.5 mile warm up at 6 mph

2.5 miles at 7.5 mph

The inclement weather in the next couple of days probably means that I need to scrap my tempo run outside. More treadmill running.

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Running Without Music

  1. Its hard for me to run on a treadmill, the idea of running on one without entertainment sounds brutal. I usually run on an empty stomach myself — I run early and am usually not interested in eating anything before I run — so it works out just fine for me, but when I do eat something I don’t wait that long before I run (eating something like a banana or some oatmeal at most), interestingly I feel sluggish when I’ve done that. Good luck while you figure it out — and I hope the incliment weather passes soon so you can get back outside!

    • Treadmill running without entertainment is tough, so I just stick to doing speed work on the treadmill. I don’t think I can stomach doing a long run on it.

      I think if I ate something lighter or a smaller meal, I could go out running without heartburn sooner.

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