Aborted Long Run

Bleh, after many weeks of nice progression, a bad run appears out of nowhere. There was no reason for a bad run. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t sick. The weather conditions weren’t bad, a little windy, but nothing that I couldn’t overcome.

I intended to do 9 miles at a 9:30 pace. I lasted 4 at a 10:00+pace. Yech. I started off going at a 9:30 and developed a side stitch within the first mile. It got worse and I was forced to stop. I walked for a bit until it went away. Then I started running again, albeit more slowly. I still felt crummy. It was tough and hard and I just couldn’t do it. I gutted it out until I reached four miles (of running) and called it quits.

I know bad workouts happen and they happen for inexplicable reasons. But it still sucks.

2 thoughts on “Aborted Long Run

  1. So frustrating when your head and body don’t cooperate isn’t it? I thought it was darn cold yesterday on my run—give yourself a little credit for just getting out there and know next time will be better! 🙂 (I know–easier said than done!)

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