Long Slow Run in the Drizzle

It was too cold to run on Thursday because of fierce winds. I didn’t have time on Friday, so I woke up early (for a weekend) on Saturday to go out and run before it rained too hard. I headed out a quarter to 9. When I started, it wasn’t raining, but the air was quite damp and the sidewalks were dark with moisture from the air. It was 37 degrees, so I bundled up in my running jacket. As long as there’s no wind, I actually like it when it’s quite cool like this because running is easier in cooler temperatures and I didn’t need to carry water with me on a long run.

I set out with a goal of running 7 miles at a 9:30 pace. I did 7.1 miles at a 9:33 pace. I’m very happy with how well it went.

Mile splits

  1. 9:32
  2. 9:21
  3. 9:06
  4. 9:19
  5. 9:33
  6. 10:11
  7. 9:49

By the time I finished running, there was a light drizzle – very Seattle-like weather. Not heavy enough to justify opening an umbrella, but enough to get you wet. I was clearly tired and lagging a bit on the last couple of miles. I accidentally missed the second section of the Astorian waterfront. I normally just run along the waterfront by the park and the other waterfront section is a little harder to get to. I realized that I was going to be short a couple of miles if I ran straight home, so I ran a couple of loops around a couple of large city blocks so I could run without having to stop for a bunch of lights. The scenery was a lacking, but I’m glad I made up the miles.

I’m feeling really good about my running. Getting into 1:50 half marathon shape by late April is still a bit of a stretch goal, but I think at the very least I’ll be able to get another PR.

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