Button or Unbutton – That is the question

This probably isn’t a question many girls think about, but Ben noticed something interesting at the wedding reception we were at on Friday.* I didn’t know this, but apparently American men unbutton their suit jacket when sitting down and then re-button their jacket when standing back up. We happened to be seated next to a Scott and he and the Japanese guests kept their suit jackets buttoned while sitting.

The Scott protest that by keeping the jacket buttoned, it keeps the suit close to your body and you’re more put together. Ben countered by saying that a buttoned jacket while sitting resulted in a ballooning of the top section of the suit jacket and that you had to unbutton the jacket so that it would lie flat against the chest.

Both Ben and the Scott agreed that the bottom button should never be buttoned. I learned today that the reason why the bottom button remains unbuttoned is because King Edward VII was too rotund to button all of buttons on his jacket. Those around him, also began unbuttoning the bottom button in order to emulate the king. And from English, this fashion trend spread.

More about buttons and men’s jackets here.

The wedding was small, but lovely. It was definitely an intimate affair because the snowstorm caused many people to stay away.

*Yes, last Friday when Snowstorm Nemo was at its peak. I had never been so happy that I had so much experience in driving in heavy snowfall conditions from my three years of living in Toronto. Although I had to be careful, I wasn’t freaked out by poor conditions of the road or visibility.

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