Dan Ariely’s “The Science of Self Control and How We can Use it to Our Advantage”

Some weeks ago I was invited to attend Dan Ariely‘s talk on “The Science of Self Control and How We can Use it to Our Advantage” that was being held at the Yale Club on Wed, Feb 6th. The FABBS foundation is creating a new science cafe. The event was free, plus we got two free glasses of wine and several rounds of appetizers after the talk.  I was really excited to go because I have been an avid reader of his empirical work; in addition, I follow his blog (the first link) and I enjoy reading his column Ask Ariely in the Wall Street Journal, where he answers readers’ questions and acts (in his words) “as a modern day Dear Abby.”

He was a delightful, charismatic, and fun speaker having the right balance of conveying information to a broad general audience in a fun way. He spoke about how self control was difficult and different strategies that one could employ to get you to behave in the desired manner. After the talk, he was accessible for questions from the audience.

You can see a version of the talk that I heard here: Ariely gave a Tedx talk on self-control.

Other great presentations by Ariely that I found.

Ted Talk on “Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions”

Video on “Pain of Paying”

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