Loss and Recovery

The paltry low weight that I once lifted with ease and the pace that I once ran with grace are now challenges. I struggle to lift the weights that I once considered to be my warm up set. I gasp for air while running at a pace that I thought of as my slow run pace. These temporary set backs, while initially discouraging, are just that – set backs. A few more weeks of putting in the time and I’ll be back to where I once was and heading down the road to becoming better than I ever was.

I hadn’t written much about my training recently because honestly 1) there hadn’t been much for several weeks and 2) I was a little embarrassed by the numbers that I was putting out because of the loss in strength and cardiovascular fitness. Between a nagging foot soreness and work, I took a fair amount of time off. The several weeks off my feet were sorely needed because I wasn’t recovering while I was still running even when it was at a slower pace and with shorter distances. I could have still lifted, but I was overwhelmed at work and had to work very long hours to keep up with the rapid deadlines. When I went back home to California and on break, I decided to do a long slow run. Despite the very easy pace, it was too much for my poor left foot. At the same time, I must have done something to my left hip because I was experiencing tightness, which didn’t bother me except when I was exercising.

Because of my left foot, I took more time off and I took it easy with weightlifting because of my hip. Last week I tried to run, but my foot rebelled (2 miles at a 10:40 pace, a slam to my ego). I spent a lot of time foam rolling my left hip. Slowly upped the weight that I could squat safely without injuring myself. Yesterday I cautiously ran 2.5 miles at a 10:00 pace. My left foot felt fine the entire time. Today I ran a more aggressive 9:08 pace for 2.5 miles. My left foot still feels fine. I think I’m good to go with running, but I learned my lesson about not running too much in a single go without building up first.

My weightlifting has also progressed nicely. I’m almost back to where I was with bench pressing (previously 3 reps at 80 lbs and currently 7 reps at 75 lbs) and with dead lifting (previously 5 reps at 135 lbs and currently 5 reps at 125 lbs). I was previously squatting at about 110 lbs (120 lbs was my PR). I had stalled quite a bit with squatting, so I decided to take a different tack and work on building endurance. I’m going to stick with the lower weights a bit (100 lbs or so) before moving back up to 120 lbs.

I have some major fitness goals that I wish to accomplish this year. Even these set backs are a part of that journey.

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