Happy New Year


Ringing in the New Year at Campbell Apartment

Happy New Year! Ben and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at Campbell Apartment, which is one of our favorite lounges in Manhattan. Formerly the office of John W. Campbell, it’s now a chic upscale cocktail lounge that evokes a time from the Mad Men era. Surprisingly Campbell Apartments had a very affordable and civilized New Year’s Eve party for only $30. A jazz band played all night. At 11 pm servers offered dessert bites on  platters of bites to patrons sitting at their tables. A glass of champagne was handed just before midnight. Best of all, Campbell Apartment was not at all crowded. Everyone had a seat and a table and plenty of space to walk around. The evening was quiet enough so that we could comfortably talk, but had enough noise and merriment to be lively and enjoyable. We drank a lot of cocktails and had quite a few dessert bites. Counted down with everyone, kissed at midnight, and then did a little jitterbug  to celebrate the brand new year.

The most curious part of the night was a mysterious text that Ben received from an unrecognized number on his work phone. It simply said, “Happy new years” and was sent just after midnight. Ben puzzled over it and I quickly looked up the number. As far as we can tell, the number is from an escort service.

I looked at him expectantly and asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

He spluttered, “This is my work number. I’ve never contacted an escort service. It must have been someone who had this number before me.”

We have no idea who this is and it gave us something amusing to talk about for the rest of the night.

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