2012 in Review

2012 was a fantastic year for me. For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t looking back on the year with some sort of relief that the year was over. It wasn’t so much that the recent previous years had been awful (indeed, many of them were good years), but I knew that I wasn’t fully satisfied. It could be better. Some personal highlights of the year:

In Jan 2012, I met Ben. I found him on OKCupid, which belies the belief that you only find crazies online. Based on his photos, I thought he was cute and messaged him. He read my profile and responded. I We went on our first date on January 17 to see Chinglish. Eventually he found out that I barely read his profile that he spent so much time in writing. Ben answered me because he carefully read my profile and thought I was insightful and intelligent. Yes, I was really shallow and messaged him based on looks. Sue me.

In Feb 2012 I decided to date Ben exclusively. Normally I live my life as a singleton punctuated with brief periods of dating and/or being in a relationship. I haz boyfriend. My parents considered this to be a minor miracle because I’m “past my expiration date” (30th birthday).

In March 2012 we go to Puerto Rico for our 10th date and first travel together. This was a biggie. Ben had a half-Ironman triathlon. He set a PR for himself and landed in ER because of an earlier bike crash. I spend hours with him in the hospital and finally I help him escape because of the hospital staff’s incompetence. This experience pretty much sealed the deal that we were bonded for life.

April 2012 is the one year anniversary of my group of girlfriends that I had met through the alumni association. Their presence in  my life made living in NY so much better. Before them I missed having a group of friends that I would regularly hang out with. I had friends in NY, but no one who I saw regularly. NY is a hard place to meet people and establish yourself. It took a while to crack NY, but now I’m well ensconced here.

In May 2012 I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon in 2:08, which was my first half marathon. I did with six weeks of training that consisted of weight lifting 3xs a week and running once a week. I discovered that I loved racing. A very dear friend from grad school who now lives abroad comes to NY for a visit.

In June 2012 I travel to Acadia National Park in Maine with my mom.

In July 2012 Ben and I travel to Providence, RI  and Geneva, NY for the Providence Half-Ironman and Musselman Triathlon, respectively. I start my blog, A Fast Paced Life.

In August 2012 Ben and I vacation in Cape Cod for a week.

In Sept 2012 I meet Leo Manzano at the NYRR 5th Ave Mile. I made a sign that said, “I get a kick out of Leo Manzano.” Ben is only slightly jealous. I set a new PR in at the Liberty Newport Half Marathon with a time of 1:56:35. I broke 2 hours! Again, my training was minimal. I ran once or twice a week for four weeks while weightlifting three times a week.

Oct 2012 is my 35th birthday! I have a wonderful birthday dinner at Aquavit with Ben. I have a 5K PR with a time of 24:52 breaking the 25-min barrier. We ran Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon. Our times are awful, but it was a wonderfully organized race and experience.

In Nov 2012 Ben and I host our first Thanksgiving together. I made bacon-covered turkey. Epic. I also found out that I will be an aunt in May 2013. Congrats to my sister and my brother-in-law.

Dec 2012 is Ben’s 31st birthday. (Chronologically he’s younger than me, but mentally he’s a geriatric.) I gave him some special  birthday surprises. I traveled to Bryce Canyon with my family. I rang in the New Year with my Ben at Campbell Apartment. We both can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us.

I ran several races, including three half marathons, something I swore that I would never do. This was my first racing season. I think I did well for my first time out. My 2012 travels were more local and no international. I ate and drank well. I was in good health. Most importantly Ben and I started creating our lives together.

Professionally I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. I got some of the big projects that I wanted completed done and 2013 will be a big year for me.

Come at me, 2013. I’m waiting for you.

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