First Class Experience on United’s Boeing 777

20130102-095204.jpgWith a smile and a flourish, a United Airlines gate attendant handed me a new boarding pass. I had just been upgraded to first class on my 1 pm flight from LAX to EWR (Newark, NJ) on December 29, 2012, thanks to Ben who gave me a first class upgrade certificate as a part of my Christmas present* (as well as having paid for my ticket). I was extremely excited and thrilled because my first class seat was on a Boeing 787 that has international first class , which means flat bed seats.

I love these international first class seats. The continental US first class seats are simply roomier seats with personal entertainment systems, but international first class are so much better! Ben stalked various flights until he found one where an international plane would be flying cross country. Then he immediately rebooked my flight to be on that plane.


Sitting pretty on United Airlines Flight 1692

My seat was an incredibly cushy flat bed seat. As soon as I was able I set my seat to recline and my feet were propped up as I relaxed and watched two movies. Then I had my seat fully reclined so it was flat and I took a nap for the rest of my flight. The seat is very very comfortable and yes, you can fully decompress and sleep as if you were in your bed. I loved it.

I drank some sparkling wine and red wine throughout my flight. First they served me an assortment warmed nuts (albeit some of them were slightly stale) before serving me my meal. My appetizer was cucumber and tomato salad, and a large slice of prosciutto, a mozzarella ball, a black olive, and a olive oil marinated red bell pepper. For my entree, I had a choice of pork chops, chicken, or pasta. I chose the osso bucco style chicken with polenta cake and grilled broccolini. For dessert, I had ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and coffee served in a mug.

To say that is was a fun and cool experience is an understatement. After a long flight, I’m chomping on the bit to get off the plane, but I enjoyed  being in first class so much that I was a bit sad that it was all over. It was probably one of the rare times where I wished the flight could have been longer. I hope there’s another first class experience like this for me in the future.



*My other Christmas presents were some wonderful dark chocolate French truffles, a slinky little black dress, 1/3 carat diamond studs in white gold, and another special surprise that will arrive in a few days. Yes, I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

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