Matisse Exhibit at the Met


Matisse at the Met


Last Saturday I saw the Matisse exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my friends. The exhibit is at the Met from Dec 4, 2012 to March 17, 2013. Although there is a suggested donation price, you are free to donate whatever you feel comfortable donating to enter the Met.

The Matisse exhibit was amazing because of the sheer number of paintings that they were able to curate and for the arrangement and presentation. I was able to appreciate Matisse’s development and evolution as an artist because the presentation of different paintings from different time periods of the same scene. Although Matisse never intended for these paintings to be series and conceived of them as stand alone pieces, by having them side by side, I could see how his style and perspective changed.


The original painting and photos of that painting when it was in progress

I’ve seen many of his works before (I’m a big fan of his cut-outs that he did in his last stage of his illustrious career) at other museums and in various books and magazines. I love having this opportunity to see so much in a single collection like this. In particular I was struck by how Matisse, himself, was interested in the process of his painting and sometimes had photographers take photos of his paintings while he was still working on them. Some of those photos were hung with the original painting.

The Met also has their Christmas tree up. It’s quite something to see a massive tree with bedecked in yuletide splendor. The museum is enormous. I’ve visited it several times since moving to New York and I’ve yet to see everything in their permanent collection. Each time I go in, I’m always amazed by a “new” room or gallery that I discover. If you’re an art lover, I really recommend that you pay Matisse and the Met a visit.




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