Winter Training for Spring Racing

Yesterday’s weather was quite warm for December, so I had to take advantage of whatever days I’m given to run outside. I detest running on a treadmill (I have no idea how I did it in grad school) and am dreading when it’ll be too cold to run outside. But the temperature was well over 50 degrees, so I donned my winter-ish running gear and headed out the door. I completed 4.3 miles at a 9:13 pace for a total time of 39:40.

My splits

  1. 9:29
  2. 9:07
  3. 9:04
  4. 9:13
  5. 9:02 (for the last .3)

Ben and I have started looking and planning our races for 2013. He’s already registered for the Miami Half Marathon in late January and has been training for it. I’ll join him in Miami, but I’ll only be spectating. I registered for the Wineglass Half Marathon in October. It looks to be a beautiful event. I’m really looking forward to it. The following week, we’ll be in Scranton for the Steamtown Marathon, where Ben will attempt to BQ (Boston-qualify).

I’m looking for a spring half marathon. I would love to do the Brooklyn Half Marathon again in May. It was my first half marathon ever last May. I ran an excellent race with a time of 2:08 flat. I love the course and because it’s local, so many of my friends also ran that race. If NYRR decides to keep it on the same weekend, I’ll be out of town for my sister’s graduation. So Ben and I are looking at various local races to see which one we would like to do. I’d love to hear any suggestions.

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