Winter Recovery

This past month I haven’t posted much about exercising because I haven’t really been doing much. Although the original plan was to have my first racing season end in the beginning of Nov, it ended a few weeks sooner thanks to Hurricane Sandy. The Sleep Hollow 5K in late Oct turned out to be my last race.  Ben and I had a couple more races planned, but those got canceled. I wasn’t upset because a canceled race isn’t anything to cry over when so many people truly suffered from Hurricane Sandy and I found that I really needed to stop running.

Starting in Oct I noticed that the bottoms of my feet were hurting. It was more of a soreness than a sharp pain. Steadily they began hurting more to the point where I didn’t want to walk much. I’ve had this before and knew it came from spending too much time in thinly-soled shoes (I had been wearing flats to work in order to avoid wearing heels) and the only remedy was to get a deep foot massage. Now that I’ve been resting for more than a month and received the badly needed massage, my feet feel all better.

I went for a slow 4 mile run (9:30 pace) this morning. I stopped off at Queens Kickshaw for a cup of coffee and noticed their fabulous-looking brunch (note: come back for brunch soon). I had a really nice chat with one of the owners while sipping my coffee. Then I took off for the waterfront and Astoria Park. The city recently finished paving and cleaning up the walkway along the waterfront. The path is nice and smooth and exclusively for pedestrians. I love running along the waterfront because I have such a lovely view of Manhattan to enjoy. The temperature was a little cold, but not as cold as yesterday, and more importantly no wind. I ran just to enjoy myself and aside of keeping in mind not to slack off too much, I didn’t worry about pace or speed at all.

I walked along 30th Ave on my way home and saw that Leli’s Bakery was open for business. It’s in the same spot as Terrizzi Pastry Shop, an old Astorian institution. While Terrizzi was an old school Italian bakery, Leli’s is an upscale gentrified bakery with delicious breads and pastries for the burgeoning yuppie crowd. I got a couple items to try (a meat-stuff pastry and a poppy seed-and-raisin danish). They were delicious, but as a scientist I know that a sample size of one visit is much to small to draw any conclusions, so I’ll be going back there again.

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