Hurricane Sandy

I came through Hurricane Sandy unscathed in Astoria. Never lost power. Have water. Have internet and cable. I went out for a brief walk in the afternoon and people were out and about. A few businesses were open. Astoria was pretty much left intact. One street was closed off because of a downed telephone line. A few branches fell. In short, the reaction in Astoria is “What hurricane?”

This isn’t true anywhere else. Parts of Manhattan were flooded. Subway and the PATH were also flooded. Who knows when they’ll be fully functional again. The southern half of the island is without power. Most of Long Island doesn’t have power and very little cell reception. Hoboken is flooded. Ben’s building is flooded, although thankfully his unit is fine. The building is without any water, electricity, cable or internet. The residents can’t leave because the building is now in the middle of a lake.

Ben doesn’t have to deal with any of this because he’s in Miami now. He flew there on Friday to do the Miami Half Ironman, which unfortunately he didn’t finish because he got a bad cramp during the swim portion. He was supposed to fly back home Monday night, but obviously that wasn’t happening. If all goes well (meaning that his new flight doesn’t get cancelled, so far he’s had about three), he’ll be back tomorrow night.

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