Didn’t Meet Your Running Time Goal? No Problem! Paul Ryan it

The running world has no lack of drama. What people won’t do for great marathon times! We have Kip Litton who fakes marathons. The latest is the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan. In this interview with Hugh Hewitt, Ryan claimed to have ran a sub-3hr marathon. It’s a pretty spectacular time. So much so, that real runners were skeptical and demanded proof.

Scott Douglas did excellent detective work and figured out that Ryan never had a sub-3hr marathon. Nope, his PR is 4:01. Ryan’s boast was well over an hour off his actual time.

I’ve been joking that if you have a bad race, then you should do a Paul Ryan.

The New Yorker has a great article on why it matters (or doesn’t matter) that Paul Ryan misstated his marathon time.


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