Running along Astoria’s Waterfront


Waterfront in Astoria

There’s no place like home. As fun as Cape Cod was, I’m happy to be back home and going back to my usual routine. A part of that routine is running along Astoria’s waterfront. I wanted to do another 2-mile hard training run at a 8-min pace. I asked Ben to pace me because I clearly start off too fast in the beginning. We ran my usual route from my home, up to 20th Ave, and then down along the waterfront. I really love the view of the Manhattan skyline as I’m running along the East River. As usual, Ben did a great job of pacing me. The first mile split was 8:03 and the second mile split was 7:56. I set a new 2-mile PR with 15:59. The fun of being a newbie runner is that I set all kinds of PR regularly. Before our run, I talked to Ben about running a little longer if I didn’t get a severe side stitch. At the end of the first mile, I had very mild and very ignorable side cramps. It hurt a lot more by 1.5 miles and at about 1.7, the side stitch was horrible. It felt like a knife was digging deeper and twisting harder between my ribs with each step. I couldn’t relieve it, so I just bore the pain until it was the end of two miles.

I texted a friend who lives down the street from me in Astoria if she wanted to get together. She wanted to do a run and I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t do a casual social run. We met up in the evening and did a quick 3.2 mile loop to Astoria Park and again the waterfront. Because we were running slowly, I could easily carry a conversation with her and we got caught up in each other’s lives. It took us about 36 mins. I say 36 mins because even though I had RunKeeper keep tabs, the total time isn’t very accurate as we stopped frequently for red lights (that were often quite long) and for the above photo that I snapped. It was quite fun running with her and I realized that I need to make sure that I make more time to spend with my friends.

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