Shining Sea Bikeway: Falmouth to Wood’s Hole, MA

Ben and I wanted20120824-203841.jpg to do another hard training run before we leave Cape Cod tomorrow. I proposed that we run on the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path because I thought the pathway was so lovely for a run. We went for our run around noon and it was about 81 F. There was no humidity so I didn’t find the conditions particularly difficult.

After a slow .3 mile warm up, Ben left me to do his tempo run. My current run goal right now is to break 25 min for a 5K. Before we set out on our run, Ben and I discussed that I should run 2 miles at about an 8 min pace and try to finish between 16 mins and 16:15. Before he left me, Ben admonished me to keep an even pace and not to “fly” the first mile. I tried, but I didn’t listen too well.

I met the overall goal of completing the run in less than 16:10; I finished in 16:10. Yay! My average run pace was 8:05, but looking at my splits, I ran my first mile waaaay tooo fast (7:39) and then slowed considerably for the second (8:30). When I first started out running, I didn’t have the problem of running too fast in the beginning because I couldn’t run fast at all. Now that I’m a much better runner, I have no idea how to “feel” a certain pace. I don’t have a running watch and I use RunKeeper, or some other app, to keep track of my runs.

Anyway, the run along the canal was beautiful. I love running beside water. At some point a small sailboat went past me. It was very idyllic.

20120824-203905.jpg In the late afternoon Ben and I cycled down the Shining Sea Bikeway from Falmouth to Wood’s Hole and then back up. Of all the places that we’ve biked in Cape Cod, this one was my favorite. It’s a gorgeous 10.5 mile path that traverses across small wooded areas, ponds, marshes, meadows, and ends with a long ride right along a beach until you end up at a harbor. The scenery was a delight the entire ride down and back up again. I thought this bike ride was the perfect way to end our week long vacation at the Cape.

Vacations are lovely, but I will admit, I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again.




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