Sand dunes


Sandy Neck Beach

Yesterday and today were all about the sand dunes. Yesterday, we drove to Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable. There’s a $15 parking fee for Sandy Neck Beach, but it’s free after 3:30. Since we only wanted to walk around the sand dunes for a little bit, we opted to go after 3:30.

The sand dunes were gorgeous. It was such a dreamy landscape. Soft fine white sand, beautiful blue skies, and the feathery green reeds from the marshes were at times surreal. We slowly walked on the dunes and admired the scenery.

20120823-205403.jpg The beach itself at Sandy Neck was fun to walk on, but it is a rocky beach. Although there were several people there who obviously didn’t have a problem, I couldn’t imagine lying on the beach would be all that comfortable because of all the little rocks and sharp jagged edges of broken shells. The sand on the sand dunes, however, were very soft and fine.

Today we went all the way out to Provincetown and the Province Lands for the sand dunes. Provincetown is a cute little seaside town that’s all the way out on the outer edges of the Cape. The main street was overflowing with tourists. We noticed that in Cape Cod, seafood shanties, homemade ice cream parlors, and fudge stores rule the area. At Lewis Brothers Ice Cream, we got a large scoop of Coffee Heath and White Russian. These two flavors were amazing together. The White Russian was made with alcohol, vodka and Kahlua, with a coffee base. Definitely stop in at Lewis Brothers if you’re ever in P’town.


Province Lands

At Province Lands, we decided to walk to Race Point Beach from the Visitor’s Center, which was less than a mile. We walked on a part of the Cape Cod Provincelands Bikeway.The bikeway seemed as if it was recently paved because it was really smooth. The section we were on had gentle rolling hills. There was a sign saying the speed limit was 10 mph. The slow speed can be stifling to a cyclist, but it’s not a bad idea as the curves on the bike path and the high volume of users make speeding a bad idea. This is where you would go for a slow easy ride. It’s not for fast training rides.

Race Point Beach is quite nice. Unlike Sandy Neck, the sand was soft and fine for the most part, but it did get a little coarser right by the ocean. The water was bracing, but not too cold. I couldn’t go in all the way because I wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, but I waded in up to my knees and stayed there as long as I could.

There’s a $15 parking fee for this beach, as well as a $5/person access fee. It’s certainly one of the nicest beaches that I’ve seen on Cape Cod, but it’s not cheap.

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