Cape Cod Rail Trail & National Seashore

Cycling over a bridge at the National Seashore

After a delicious breakfast of cinnamon raisin French toast and chicken apple sausages, we headed out to Provincetown to do some cycling. I had my bike in storage for the past four years, so Ben tried to pump some air in it this morning. His hand pump was failing, but a kind neighbor of the cottage that we’re staying in offered to put air in my tires. He had a neat woodworking shop in his basement and his air compressor nicely filled the tires to 70 psi.

We loaded up the bikes in the car and drove off. We hadn’t even gone 10 miles, when all of a sudden a loud boom went off. My right ear was ringing. I frantically turned around worried that something really terrible had happened. When Ben and I looked over at the back seat, we saw that one of tired had exploded. The tube was old and its time was up. We googled a bike shop and found Orleans Cycle. The guy at the shop quickly fixed my bike with a new tube and tire (and he adjusted my brakes too). They offer wonderful friendly service and gladly pointed out where we could go cycling in the area. By the way, if you don’t have a bike, they offer rentals as well and here’s a coupon for $1 off an adult rental.

We did a part of the Cape Cod Rail Trail from Orleans to Wellfleet, which was 10 miles each way. It’s a nice paved road, albeit a little busy at time with other cyclists, runners, and walkers. The gentle rolling hills were fun and we averaged a little more than 14 miles/hour. At the end of the ride at Wellfleet, we were at a bluff looking out onto a beach. We stopped for a few minutes for a water break and to enjoy the view. The 20-mile round trip took about 1 hr and 40 minutes.

We got a snack of steamers and clam chowder at Arnold’s Restaurant in Eastham. Steamers, which are soft-shelled clams, were quite large and juicy. Some were a bit overcooked, but nonetheless we enjoyed dipping them in clam broth and butter before popping them into our mouths.The clam chowder was really good. Lots of big chunks of clam and potatoes in a creamy broth.

Then we biked another 10 miles at the Cape Cod National Seashore. I particularly liked this ride because there was a beautiful section where we biked on a bridge over a marsh. Again there were lots of gentle rolling hills, which are fun to cycle through. I love having a few minutes break from pedaling as I coast down a hill and picking up speed.

Today was the first day I biked in a long time. Ben wants to do a part of the Century Ride in three weeks. Today’s outing was a nice preview to see what I’m capable of on a bike: 1) I can comfortably cycle 15 mph and 2) Biking 30 miles is not a problem. Great first day of vacation at Cape Cod.


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