Newport Green in Jersey City, NJ

On one of our runs, Ben noticed that Newport Green, a new new park in Jersey City was now open. Several weeks later we finally got to properly visit this pristine 4-acre park.

If you have a small child, this park is perfect. The playground is one of the coolest and most fun playgrounds that I’ve seen. Along with the usual swings, slides, and merry-go-rounds, the park also has this cool cargo net climbing structure. Being kids at heart, Ben and I couldn’t resist playing on this ourselves by climbing up and then relaxing on the netting. There were several families with their children happily playing in the playground. Just outside of the playground, there’s a large flat field where people were playing an impromptu game of soccer or throwing around a football.

The landscape is perfectly manicured with the grass neatly trimmed and flowers tidily growing in their beds. There were several benches scattered along the winding footpath. Unfortunately no dogs are allowed (again, part of the reason for its pristine look). Oddly the entrance gates closest to the streets are locked, so getting in is a bit of a hassle. Still, it’s quite a nice park (if a little sterile looking in places).

Plus there’s also an urban beach, perfect for a quick afternoon getaway when you don’t have time to go out to the Hamptons. I definitely recommend visiting this place, especially if you have a small child and live nearby. Or if you’re really a kid at heart and want to play on the jungle gyms.


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