Lululemon Hot But Not Tank Review

I am a latecomer to the Lululemon bandwagon. I didn’t own a single piece of Lululemon clothing until this past May. I used to scoff at the women who paid what I considered to be ridiculous amounts of money for some exercise clothing. I rolled my eyes whenever I heard excuses, such as “you’re paying for quality.” I dismissed those claims as rationalizations.

This all changed when I spotted Lululemon’s No Limit tank on a runner while running the Newport 10K  in May. While huffing and puffing, a girl ran past me. I noticed the side cut-outs and I immediately upped my pace so I could get a better look at her tank. I admired the cut and design of the tank. I tried to run faster so I could get a better look at the logo, but she was too fast for me. I quickly lost her amongst the crowd. Although I wasn’t 100% certain, I thought I had seen Lululemon’s logo. So the next day, I went onto Lulu’s website and search. Lo and behold, I found it. I didn’t care that it was $64; I was going to buy that tank top.

That particular tank is quite popular as I see it everywhere. I saw several women wear the No Limit tank at the Brooklyn Half in May. I received numerous compliments whenever I wear it and I almost always see another woman wearing it as well whenever I’m at a race. Thank goodness Lulu makes their tanks in several different colors and prints, so we all don’t look alike.

I haven’t gone overboard with Lululemon, but in the space of 3 months I have gone from 0 Lulus to 3 Lulus.

My latest Lulu find is the Hot but Not tank. I hadn’t intended to buy anything when I stepped into the store in Union Square a couple of weeks ago, but I’m quickly learning it’s hard to resist anything there. I fell hard for this design because of its style. It has a cute little bandeau top, with deep side cuts and a fairly open back and spaghetti straps that criss-cross in the back. I thought it was absolutely adorable and sexy. Best of all, it was on sale for $44 (normally $64). Considering how rarely anything is on sale at Lululemon and the scarcity of their products because of the short cycle that an item is available, I had to snatch it up.

The Hot or Not tank I bought is a light purple with a big black polka dots on the bandeau section. I wore it this past Saturday in the 80+ heat and humidity. It helped keep me cool as I ran around the city.

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