The Curious Case of Kip Litton

Yesterday I came across this New Yorker abstract about Kip Litton, a middle-aged dentist from Michigan who allegedly faked several sub-3hr marathon finishes, including falsely creating three marathons and its participants and their result times. Fascinated, I did a little more google search on him and found this and this detailing more about Litton’s exploits. If you click on the second link in the previous sentence, you can get Pat Price’s email who will send you a pdf of Mark Singer’s NYer article. It was fascinating reading. You can also listen to an audio from Mark Singer here.

Apparently Litton had been on several runners’ radar for well over a year. The question is why would Litton go through all this trouble of faking running marathons? Honestly as the article stated, it was more work to fake it than to actually run the darn thing.

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