Party with Purpose 5K in Hoboken, NJ


View of the Manhattan skyline from Hoboken

After watching Ben race so much, I decided I wanted to do a little racing of my own. On Tuesday I did the Party with Purpose 5K in Hoboken, NJ.

It was a hot and humid day, 95 degrees F and the humidity probably matched. Ben was a super coach as he made sure that I stayed cool as long as possible. We got a cup of ice from a local restaurant. He cooled me down with ice before the race. I drank the melted ice water as well. By the time the race started at 7 pm, I was still nice and cool and didn’t have to start uncomfortably warm. Ben’s advice was to go no faster than 8:30 and that it was all right not to PR (personal record).

The start line was right above Pier A Park. The course ran north along the Hoboken waterfront where you had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. It was an out-and-back course, so halfway we turned around and ran back.

Although it was really hot and stuffy, I felt good and ran pretty briskly, especially at first. My splits were: M1 7:56, M2 8:54, M3 9:03, and the last .1 8:46 (8:33 min/mile pace). Best of all, I got a PR! 26:34!  Ben was waiting for me and cheering me on the last .1 mile. He was really proud and impressed that I ran so well under these grueling and non-optimal conditions.

I was totally done as you can see from this photo (that Ben insisted that I include in the entry). I heartily enjoyed the free Ben & Jerry’s black raspberry Greek frozen yogurt that they were giving away and my sausage pizza at Grimaldi’s.

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