Musselman Triathlon in Geneva, NY

Woolsports Musselman Triathlon in Geneva, NY, which is in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, probably is one of Ben’s favorite events happened July 13-15th. Ben had done this event a couple times before and had been talking about the Musselman Tri ever we since we started dating. The entire town of Geneva is involved.

Tricycles for the microTri

The Musselman Triathlon is not one triathlon, but several. Friday night there is the microMussel Super-Sprint Triathlon. The distances are a 100 yard swim, .6 mile bike ride, and .2 run. The winner of this leg won in about 10 min. The second wave is when the fun begins. For the bike portion, the participants need to be on a tricycle or a Big Wheel (unmodified). People usually wear costumes and it’s hysterical!


Robber & Cop

Costumed participants

Me & Musselman

Saturday Ben did the spring Musselman Tri (750 swim, 16 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). On Sunday, Ben intended to do the Aquavelo, which is just the swim and bike portion of a half Ironman, because he doesn’t care for the run course. While Ben was out cycling, there was a torrential downpour. I was a bit worried and thought they might cancel the race. The race director came out and told us worried spectators by saying that  most of the rain had missed the cyclists. Eventually the rain eased up. At some point, I got a phone call from Ben. He got a flat tire with about 16 miles left. His spare tube wasn’t quite the right size and the bike support car wasn’t anywhere to be found. I found Ben in high spirits when I picked him up because the wild rain made for an interesting experience. That’s when I found out that the race director essentially lied to us about the rain missing the cyclists. I guess he didn’t want us to worry too much.

In the afternoon, there was a kiddie triathlon, which was a ton of fun to watch 6-10 year olds splashing in the lake and then careening their bikes on the course, before running off to the finish line. Ben and I both adored this little girl who participated with training wheels! She was the littlest triathlete who could. I certainly admired her gumption to stick it out and finish. If she can do it, then what excuse do I have?

Other people’s perspectives on this event can be found here.

Red Jacket Juices

I thoroughly enjoyed the Musselman Tri experience as a spectator. It really is an incredibly friendly and fun atmosphere. The after-race food/parties were spectacular as Wegmans and Red Jacket Orchard were some of the sponsors for the event. If you ever had fresh fruit from Whole Foods or Fresh Direct in the East Coast, then you’ve most definitely had some of Red Jacket Orchard’s fruits. In particular we were enamored with the juices from Red Jacket. Our favorite was the lemonade, which was sweetened with apple juice. They make the juices by slowly pressing the whole fruit and making them in small batches. This type of quality control really shows in the delightful refreshing quality of the juice.

Lemonade info

Before we headed home, we stopped by the Red Jacket store to buy fresh fruit and juices. Ben was really happy to buy 10-lbs of apples for $4 after the 20% discount we received for his entry in the Musselman Tri. It was a fun weekend in upstate NY.

Painting our names on the Musselman Mural

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