Providence 70.3 Ironman

Ben likes to compete in triathlons for fun; he usually does the half Ironman distance, which consists of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 run or 70.3 miles of pain and torture. A full Ironman is double the distance. I’ve traveled with him before to a triathlon, so I knew what to expect when we went away for the July 6th weekend to Providence, RI for the Providence 70.3 Ironman.

Ben biking

It was an extremely hot day, so he didn’t have a great race in terms of time, but he had fun out on the course. He didn’t push himself too hard because he has two more triathlons next week (yes, he’s crazy, three triathlons in a two week period).

To me, one of the best part of the weekend was dinner at Mills Tavern. Definitely one of the better restaurants in Providence and this pizza was delicious. They had a wood-fire oven and the crust

Pizza at Mills Tavern

was perfectly crispy with a slightly charred taste. We also had raw clam and shrimp cocktail starter, risotto, braised short ribs with stuffed butternut squash blossom, and a warm chocolate cake (plus cocktails). But this wasn’t our favorite meal. As nice as these restaurants are, we both kinda prefer little divey hole-in-the-walls. For breakfast on our last day in Providence, we found La Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant that served home-style food at bargain prices. I have no photos to show you because 1) the plates wouldn’t have made interesting photos, and 2) we ate the food too fast. We were both enamored with their hot sauce that they made themselves.


While we were in Providence, we got to see Waterfire, which was a bunch of bonfires in the canal and music playing.


Ben & me at Nantucket

After the triathlon was over, we headed over to Nantucket for the day to relax by the beach and eat some clams and scallops.

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