Acadia National Park: Sightseeing edition

While New York City has no end of things to do, there are certain activities, such as hiking, that are harder to get to and I

Porcupine Islands

can’t do as much of it as I would like to do. When I lived in the Bay Area, summer hikes to Mt. Tam were an annual tradition and my friends and I often took quick hikes in the East Bay as a break from our busy lives. Even if I didn’t have time for a full-blown hike, I could still make time for a long walk in the Berkeley Hills where within minutes I lost signs of civilization as I strolled along a hilly trail and breathed in the medicinal herby scent of the eucalyptus leaves.

I was really looking forward to hiking in Acadia. My mom can’t do long strenuous hikes, but she’s up for just about anything. The first hike we did was on top of Cadillac Mtn, which is the highest point in Acadia National Park. It’s more of a walk as we admired the Porcupine Islands from different vantage points, but it was still nice.

The best hike we had, and one of my favorites of all times, was the Beehive Trail. It’s a short steep trail (about 2 miles roundtrip) straight up. The entrance is just before the parking entrance for Sandy Beach. The hike is a rock scramble where the first half consists of you scrambling up large boulders and occasionally relying on iron rungs to pull yourself up. There was a somewhat scary point where there wasn’t enough rock to create a ledge for walking, so Park Services added iron bars to form a little bridge to cross the gap. Once you’re up there, the view is incredible! All the trees below and the bright blue ocean formed a picturesque scene. The way down is much easier as the trail is a far more gentle slop down. The entire trip including rest breaks for my mom took about 1.5 hours.

Mom climbing the iron rungs

The scary part of the Beehive Trail

Mom is rock scrambling

Me on top of Beehive!

My mother was so proud of herself for getting to the top and I was proud of her as well!






We also did a 2-hr tour of the Frenchman Bay with Downeast Windjammer Cruises. The allure of this boat tour was the beautiful 4-mast schooner named Margaret Todd. Although it rained (heavily) for most of the tour (we all got solidly drenched), everyone had fairly cheerful spirits nonetheless. My mom had a blast.

Thunder Hole

The other highlight of this trip was Thunder Hole. During high tide, the roaring waves crash into the inlet causing a huge spray that can catch an unsuspecting tourist. The first day we were there, the waves were so high that any tourist who stood in the protective corral at the lowest point got quite wet. Even when I moved up of the stairs, a couple of times I got my feet soaked. Part of the fun was watching all the people shriek half in delight and terror as they tried to escape getting wet. It was like being a kid all over again.

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