Acadia National Park: Food edition

View of the Porcupine Islands from Cadillac Mtn in Acadia

Every year I go on a couple of family vacations. Sometimes it’s with the whole family, sometimes it’s with my mom and one or both of my sisters, and sometimes it’s just me and my mom. This summer it was just me and my mom because my sisters’ schedules preventing them from joining us and my father is a rather poor traveler.

From June 25 -30, we went up to Acadia National Park in Maine (with stopovers in Boston to see my sister and her husband). It was a trip that my mom had long wished for. I had heard from several people that Acadia that one of the most beautiful national parks in the US and I must agree. It was one of my mom’s favorite trips because Acadia had a little of everything — craggy mountains, sweeping vistas, rolling waves of the ocean, clean fine white sandy beach, big boulder rocks to scramble on, gentle green meadows, and so forth.

Lobster roll in Red’s Eats

On the drive up, we stopped at Wiscasset, ME to eat lobster rolls at Red’s Eats. Red’s Eat’s is a little roadside shack (with some tables in their patio) that delivers big lobster rolls unlikeanything that I’ve eaten in New York City. There’s over 1 lb of lobster meat. They sell the lobster rolls at market price. Normally market price rings a bell of terror that it’ll be incredibly expensive, but being in Maine, it means that it’ll be a bargain (especially compared to what I get in NYC). This time the lobster rolls were $15.95. What I love about the lobster roll here is that it’s simply lobster meat. That’s it. No butter or mayo (which I hate), unless you put it on yourself. I love the fresh sweet unadulterated taste of the lobster with slight drizzle of drawn butter. The soft fluffy rolls is merely a vehicle for delivering the lobster to your mouth.

Blueberry muffin

We stayed at a lovely bed-and-breakfast called The Lodge-ings. The proprietor, Don Lodge, was very

Crabcake Benedict

friendly and gregarious. This was their first year operating the bed-and-breakfast and plus we were mid-week guests, so we were the sole guests. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you care for lots of privacy as there wasn’t a clear separation of the guest and owner space, but if you like a more homey atmosphere of staying with good friends than this is for you. Each room came with a private bathroom and the rate was $110/night plus tax. Every morning, Don served us an incredible breakfast. Over the three days we had freshly baked blueberry and morning glory muffins, hot coffee, juice, different kinds of omelets, scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, Belgian waffles with blueberry preserves, and crabcake Benedict. We skipped lunch most of the time.

View of the lake by Jordan Pond House

But we didn’t skip lunch when we had reservations at Jordan Pond House. We had an

Seafood stew

amazing seafood stew with popovers. The seafood was so fresh. I loved how the stew wasn’t too salty and the broth was just creamy enough to balance the seafood. The warm popovers with golden pats of butter and the sweet strawberry were wonderful. We ate lunch outside on the meadow with a view of the lake. It was a warm sunny afternoon. After lunch we took a small lake around a part of the lake to work off some of the delicious calories.



Truck selling seafood off the side of the highway

On our way back from Maine, we passed this truck selling freshly caught seafood, so we pulled over and bought some crab and  the biggest scallops that I had ever seen. The crab meat is still in my freezer, but I cooked the scallops for dinner a couple nights later and they were delicious!

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