Running in Acadia National Park


Welcome to Acadia National Park

Usually I run on the city streets with a few short jaunts in a park or along a waterfront, so running on country roads and trail running is a real treat for me. Yesterday I ran 4.7 miles out and back on a fairly empty country freeway into Acadia National Park in Maine. It was a good solid run with a 9:11 min/mile pace and a total time of 43:11. Today I ran 2.2  miles at Eagle Lake. Feeling energized by fresh breeze and cool scent of pine needles, I ran a 8:52 min/mile pace with a total time of 19:31. I couldn’t run much longer than that because I had to get back to breakfast!


Running in Acadia with a scenic view of the ocean to my left


Eagle Lake


Glimpses of Eagle Lake through the trees

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