Rowing in Central Park

Although my mother has been in New York City before, there are still several things that she hasn’t experienced. On a beautiful summer afternoon, we took her rowing in Central Park. With a $20 cash deposit and $12 for the first hour ($2.50 for every 15 minutes thereafter), it’s quite a bargain, especially since up to four people can fit in a rowboat. Because the probability that you’re an expert rower is fairly small, an hour is the perfect length of time in the boat, particularly if only one person is doing the rowing.

The Loeb Boathouse is located near the east side of the lake in the center of Central Park (East 72nd St. & Park Drive North), right next to the Boathouse restaurant. Although the congestion of boats is quite at in the beginning because of everyone coming and going, it quickly thins out as you explore the 22 acres of water.

We spent most of the hour exploring most of the lake, even stopping to listen to a singer playing his guitar to an appreciative audience, and looking for turtles. Plus rowing is a fun date activity as well.

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