Indecision in the Park

Indecision in the Park (Central Park 2012)

A summer tradition that I eagerly look forward to is Central Park Summerstage. When I think summer in New York, along with the sticky heat and humidity, I think of Summerstage. All summer-long there are concerts and various shows (most of them for free). This is truly one of the best things about living in New York City.

We went to go see Comedy Central’s Indecision in the Park last night. The heat and humidity were utterly repressive, but that didn’t stop a few thousand people from showing up. In fact, there were several hundreds of people who were denied entry because of the lack of space and they sat just out the fence and listened. Throughout the night, comedians would call out to them. The first time they did that, we were startled by the vocal cries and cheers roaring from outside. The show started at 8 pm, but we didn’t get in line until a little after 6. We managed to snag great seats thanks to Ben’s aggressive hunting tactics. Before the start of the show, we snacked on ice cream and a Korean BBQ burger with kimchi slaw from Asia Dog. I’m not normally a fan of modern Korean or Korean fusion cuisine (growing up with Korean food has made me very particular and I prefer the standard traditional takes), but the meat was juicy and the marinade was not too sweet, which is usually the problem when Korean flavors are adapted to American taste buds. The kimchi slaw was refreshing. The crunchy texture provided a good contrast to the meat.

John Hodgeman as the eccentric billionaire

The show provided 2 hours of entertainment. John Hodgeman was the MC and played the character of an eccentric billionaire. We laughed our heads off. John Oliver was fantastic and in our opinion, the best one of the night. I also had fun with Kristin Schaal’s interpretation of the last dance scene in Flashdance. The goofy dancing and endless rounds of water being poured all over her were priceless.

Summer in New York is not to be missed.

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